The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Producers is a non-profit legal entity organization, registered in September 2004. Since its establishment, the organization has been working actively in the interests of its members, assisting their activities and helping to solve the problems in the agricultural sector in Bulgaria.

Guided by the desire for a modern and competitive agriculture, the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria for 10 years he worked hard for the development and progress of Agricultural Sector in the country.

We successfully tackle whit difficulties, overcome many obstacles, achieve successes and real results.

We have been established  as a branch organization, defending and protecting the interests of its members. We have been able to establish effective partnerships with all the institutions and organizations that have the capacity, the ideas and the will to solve the problems and to formulate the policy in agriculture.

The undisputed is the contribution of the Association in developing the legal framework and conditions for support during the years with suggestions, criticisms and constructive ideas which established as one of the most competent organizations whose views and opinions are highly valued by the representatives of the responsible institutions.

Realizing our commitment to farmers for a clear policy and clear governance rules, and in the future our efforts will be focused on the prosperity of the sector and the overall development of agriculture in Bulgaria.