Предстоящи събития


Due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sorry to announce, that the Danish organizing committee (OC) has assessed that it will be unrealistic to conduct the IFAJ 2021 Congress in Denmark.
This year’s event were planned to replace the IFAJ 2020 congress in Denmark that was cancelled due to the C-19 pandemic. However, given the development of the ongoing pandemic, it is neither safe nor realistic to carry out a physical congress in 2021 with participants from all over the world. Hence, the 2021 congress will be a virtual event. More details to come as they become available. 

2022 Denmark

The Danish OC is working closely together with the IFAJ Presidium as well as future congress hosts to find solutions and opportunities to host the next IFAJ congress.
The planned IFAJ 2022 host – our friends and colleagues from The Swiss Guild – have generously offered to move the IFAJ Congress in Switzerland from 2022 to 2024 – thus making 2022 available for a congress in Denmark. The congress is anticipated to be held in June. 

Минали събития

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